BREAKING:Youngest TV Owner In the World-Akachi Nwoke(Emerald Tv)



Akachi Nwoke, popularly known as the Financial Engineer is a 28 year old Nigerian Entrepreneur.


He is a graduate of Federal University of Technology Oweri with a Bachelor of Technology in Agricultural Extension. He graduated at age 21.


Akachi Nwoke made his first million at age 22.


Akachi’s Entrepreneurial journey wasn’t a smooth ride. At 21 years, he started pursuing his dream.


His interest in Media grew, and with no capital to translate his dream to reality, Akachi tried to pitch his vision to several influential business people, but got turned down at every turn.


Well, champions are made of steel and determination, they are made out of adversity and challenges. Akachi didn`t let the stumbling blocks slow his momentum at all. He went ahead and gathered resources within his means cos he understood that all He needed was within him.


He utilized social media and other internet platforms to market his vision.


He managed to grow a fan base on social media. Through this Nwoke met people who played an instrumental role to help him establish Emerald TV… Rev David Ogbueli is one of the few people that helped Akachi.


Today, Akachi Nwoke is a successful Entrepreneur contributing to the development of African Communities. His Television Station (Emerald TV) reaches 20 million homes in 49 Nations. The company has helped set up Online Terrestrial Cable, Satellite TV and Radio Stations for Governments, Corporations and Individuals. He is currently the youngest TV owner in the world.


Akachi is also the International Convener of “Emerald Youth Conference”, one of the best Entrepreneurship movements globally.


As a result of his passion and drive to make his world a better place, Akachi Nwoke was conferred a United Nations Ambassador of Peace.


He has also helped in solving the problem of unemployment in AFRICA through the Project “One Million Jobs”. One Million Jobs is Akachi’s ambitious project that is providing Nationwide Internship, Training, and Business Capital.


Akachi Nwoke is a philanthropist and has a free education school for students from Basic Education to Secondary School.


Financial Engineer Akachi Nwoke is an inspiration to young ones that if you can conceive it, and believe it, then you can achieve it! No mountain is insurmountable!





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