why do you think this S*x doll thing will work in Nigeria


Since the recent surface of intimacy dolls, guys and ladies have dragged themselves into a prolonged argument over the issue.

Dear Ladies, your slay game is about to face a fierce competition and the rivalry is not coming for a short term.

The dolls were created by a company, @sexyrealsexdolls, to give men optimum satisfaction and they are now feared to create fierce competition With ladies.

The new doll which is sold for $2,2,89, a little over N800,000, is already getting some men excited. The doll has large thighs, breasts, and large buttocks.

A Nigerian shared his opinion on why the dolls won’t work In Nigeria… Read;

So there has been so much noise about sex dolls all over the world in the last few weeks since companies began manufacturing these dulls in mass.

However, Africans are exempted from this new trend for now as the continent remains the most hungry continent, truth be told.

The dolls are so expensive, an average African man cannot afford to purchase a doll for 1 million Naira just for sexual satisfaction. How many guys on NEWSREBELLIOUS earn even 150k per month? 0.9% or less, I AM 100% sure of my figures.

Until white people start shipping fairly used dolls to Africa, then nothing for you’all.

So stop the noise and concentrate on electing good leaders so that our continent can start prospering, I know bigotry, tribe and religion will still make them elect people who will unleash more hunger and poverty in the land so for the next 60 years, sorry,

no sexxx dulls for u’all grin grin cheesy grin cheesy grin cheesy grin. I no wan hear anything again about sxxx dolls.

Personally, Why Do You Think It Won’t Work?





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