Hackers rob $80 million dollars worth of Bitcoin from mining company


A leading mining service in Slovenia has been robbed off around 4,700 Bitcoin by “Highly professional” hackers, according to a Bitcoin exchange.

The Bitcoin stolen from NiceHash, was approximated to be around $80 million at that moment.

It said it was working hard to recover the Bitcoin for its users, adding that someone really wanted to bring them down.

NiceHash’s chief executive, Marko Kobal said the attackers accessed the company’s systems at 01:18 CET (00:18 GMT) on Wednesday. The hackers, whom the company believes were based outside the European Union, started stealing Bitcoin by 03:37.

The robbery happened as Bitcoin price continues to spike.

NashHash is a mining service that pairs up people with spare computing power with those willing to pay to use it to mine for new Bitcoin.





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