Drinking from River Nile will make you ill – Eypthian Singer says


An Egyptian singer, Sherine Aldel Wahab, is facing a trial for spreading provocative publicity after she suggested that drinking from the river Nile could make someone ill.

A lawsuit was brought up against the singer after a video showed her being asked at a concert last year to sing Mashrebtesh men nilna ( Have you drunk from the nile?). She answered by saying ‘’ drinking from the Nile will get me schistosomasis which is a disease commonly known as Bilharzia.

The Egyptian musicians syndicate on Tuesday  banned the singer from performing and it says it had opened investigation.

Abdel Wahabi would face trial on 23 december at a Cairo misdemeanours court on charge of spreading provocative publicity according to an Egyptian newspaper.

The singer has already apologised for what she calls a foolish joke




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