Are you stuck in job that does not ensure your happiness? Do you feel unfulfilled while working? Do you feel like you’re missing the essence in your lifestyle because your job weighs you down. Here are some tips for you to find happiness while working.

1. What are your likes and dislikes?

Some time spent with a pad and pen here will save you countless hours of disappointment in a job you don’t like. If you love variety, then any job spent behind a desk could be a bad move. If you like peace and quiet and are happy with your own company, you might be wise to avoid working with the general public.

Have you ever really sat down and thought about what you’d like to do for a living? It’s the only way you’ll know which direction to start looking in!

2. Make regular time for your job hunt.

Like anything else in life, if you want to achieve something, you need to devote some regular time to doing it. Find out which days your local papers are published and search through them for jobs every week. Do the same with regional or national ones, if they include jobs within your search area.

Find some relevant websites that have information on your areas of interest, and sign up to as many job sites as you can. Many of these sites will allow you to upload your resume, and will notify you of any relevant job vacancies by e-mail.

Talk to as many people as you can about your job hunt, too. Friends, relatives, and possibly discreet co-workers can all act as extra pairs of eyes and ears, any one of which may find your ideal job. Think of them as your support network. There will no doubt be times when you feel as if you will never find a job you’ll love, and you’ll want to give up. That’s when your support network will come into its own, and keep you going.

3. Don’t forget the most important skill: perseverance.

It’s easy to settle for the first new job that comes along. That’s why so many people are stuck in jobs they neither like nor feel fulfilled at doing. For long term job satisfaction, you need to accept that it may take you longer to find your ideal job. Think of it as a trade – a little extra time spent now will pay huge dividends in the long term.

When a possible new job comes along, check to see whether it fits in with the likes and dislikes you identified earlier. If it’s along the lines you’re looking for, then go for it! Don’t let fear of failure put you off. You may not succeed at your first attempt, but you will succeed in gaining valuable insight and experience – all of which will increase your future chances of success.





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